Management Team


Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw, President & CEO

Brian Shaw utilizes his eighteen years of banking, and banking systems development to guide CCS from a strategic as well as operational perspective. After graduate school, he was selected as one of a small number of individuals to participate in formal commercial lender training sponsored by his employer, Bank One. He has specialized in commercial lending since his successful completion of this program. Brian�s in-depth knowledge of computer systems prior to his career in banking was quickly put to use providing systems direction as a founding member of Bank One�s Business Banking unit. While at the bank, he was a core team member of several process reengineering initiatives that ultimately became the highly efficient centralized commercial loan approval process still used extensively today. Prior to leaving the bank in late 1997 to join CCS, he served as Bank One�s Business Banking National Technology Manager. His accomplishments at CCS also include the design, construction, and implementation of enterprise level automation solutions to satisfy many commercial lending problems in complex environments such as Wells Fargo, National City, Fifth Third, US Bank, and LaSalle Bank, among others as well as strategically leading and managing average annual growth, year over year since joining CCS. Brian joined CCS as Vice President of Operations, was named President and COO of CCS in January of 2000, and was elected CEO in January of 2003. He holds a Bachelors degree in Management from the University of North Texas, and a Masters degree from the University of Texas, Dallas extension.

Josh Marcy

Josh Marcy, SVP Technology

As Senior Vice President of Technology, Josh Marcy is responsible for the development of the Custom Lender product and the CCS core technologies. Additionally, his team provides development support for both the Client Services and Implementation Support teams. Josh has been with CCS since 1999. He began his career at JP Morgan Chase (Bank One) in Phoenix, AZ while there he worked with the Small Business Banking group starting out in the credit delivery process (Credit Analysis, Underwriting, Document Prep, and Portfolio Management), ultimately moving into Systems Management. Prior to leaving the bank, Josh worked in the technology group as the System Manager supporting the desktop applications that were used by the loan center. Josh has spent his time at CCS in many different roles. When he joined CCS, he started out as an Application Developer and Analyst, and then progressed to Project Team Lead. As CCS grew and expanded, his responsibilities expanded to ultimately managing both the Product Development and Implementation teams. While in these positions Josh created and enhanced processes for the software delivery and development groups. Additionally, Josh was a key person in development of the Custom Lender application. Josh earned a Bachelors degree in Finance from Arizona State University.

Joe O’Banion

Joe O’Banion, SVP Operations

Joe O�Banion, Senior Vice President of Operations, is responsible for overseeing and managing the daily operations of CCS including IT, HR, Accounting and Facilities. Joe brings over twelve years of banking experience where he served in branch management, bank operations, and lending system development. In 1984 after five years at large northwest banks, Joe joined the MCORP team in Houston, TX and participated in the MACTS lending system development. While with the bank�s successor, Bank One, he was also personally involved in the implementation of the first fully operational CCS system �COLTS�. Based on that positive experience, Joe joined CCS in 1992 and put his credit system knowledge to work on the design, development, and support of key accounts like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Union Bank of California, and many others. His many years at CCS and extensive experience in various areas of lending, operations, branch management, and loan systems support, allowed Joe to lead a team of professionals supporting all client installations with personal attention to detail, resulting in an extremely high customer satisfaction rating. During this period he also accepted increasing company and IT operations responsibilities. Joe is an eight year veteran of the United States Air Force.



Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor, SVP Client Services

Kevin Taylor is responsible for the support of production CCS applications. He also lends his expertise and experience in providing advanced customization solutions. Kevin has been developing software for more than twenty-five years devoted to commercial and consumer lending. Prior to co-founding CCS in 1989, Kevin was one of several key developers responsible for the Pedestal Legal Document Preparation system at Formation Technology. Kevin is the chief architect and lead designer for many of the components and modules that make up the backbone of the CCS technology. Throughout his tenure at CCS, Kevin has been instrumental in the design and development of automated credit solutions for leading institutions such as Bank One, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Heller Financial, LaSalle Bank and more. Kevin earned a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Middle Tennessee State University with additional software development training from Microsoft University in Seattle Washington.

Johanna Pugh

Johanna Pugh, SVP Sales, Marketing & Corporate Development

Johanna Pugh is Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Corporate Development at Custom Credit Systems. With more than 18 years� experience in the financial services technology industry, Johanna has a wide range of experience in business applications, software development, implementation services, security, compliance, and business process re-engineering. She has held positions in general management to senior sales leadership with industry financial software leaders APPRO, Equifax, Provenir, and FIS Global. While at Custom Credit Systems, Pugh is responsible for growing and managing direct sales as well as business development strategies for US and International markets. Prior to joining Custom Credit Systems Pugh was a leader in APPRO and Equifax�s entry into consumer, small business and commercial lending solutions and performed leading roles including product management; best practice consulting and business development. At Provenir, Pugh worked with Tier 1 US and International financial Institutions to provide advanced analytical decision engine capabilities for consumer, non-prime consumer, small business, commercial, mortgage and private banking clients. While at FIS Global, Pugh worked to streamline lending and servicing practice integration with Tier 2, 3, and 4 US financial Institutions. Pugh earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Pre-Law at Louisiana Tech University with Graduate work at Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College. She is a member of the Dallas Chapter of Sales and Marketing Executives International. Pugh is a passionate speaker on topics including streamlining lending practices, best practice software implementations, and Consultative and Strategic Selling.